• High Precision even for fine Lycra-yarns
  • touch & turn easyly places yarn to be measured
  • Very small measuring head which fits into hard to reach areas
  • Digital signal with LCD display show CM or INCH
  • Yarn length, Yarn speed, Machine speed measurement through direct Yarn contact during full production
  • Magnetic Turns-Sensor with 3 m cable
  • Special SANTONI-cable for direct turnsimpuls from machineboard SANTONI and SANGIACOMO

Circular-Knitting machine calculated results:

  • Yarnconsumption CM or INCH, WEIGHTCONTROL
  • Weight-Percentage, mixed Standardyarns and Elasthan
  • 100%-Efficiency-Machine-Performance Weight per Hour
  • Perfect cost-control and easy orderrepeat adjustment

YLM complete


Machine-speed 37.6 RPM


Yarnlength Cotton 268 CM/REV


YLM-Rearside total closed


Yarnlength Elasthan 103 CM/REV


Yarnlength Elasthan 200 CM/REV = 100% elongation


Yarn-Test socket for YLM turnsimpulses


Socket for YLM - Santoni cable


Sensor ready in position

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